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In English | 27/08/14

This is the best Danish restaurant that you might not have heard of



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It’s number one on TripAdvisor in Copenhagen and according to customer reviews, it’s the best restaurant in the country. And no, it doesn’t have a Michelin star or a Bib Gourmand rating.

Danish gastronomy has been showered with honor and praise for the past few years. The new Nordic kitchen has gone from strength to strength and people from all over the world flock to our tiny country to eat ants, weeds and fermented grain and beans.

But even though the fancier eateries have been attracting a lot of global attention, it’s a small, discreet restaurant in the Latin Quarter - popularly called “Pisserenden” – in the heart of Copenhagen that makes peoplebubble over with joy.

Restaurant Krebsegaarden is the name of the popular eatery, which is located in an oblong room with changing pieces of art on the walls and is run by Norwegians. This place doesn’t offer Nordic concoctions or molecular gastronomy. No, this menu offers simple and solid dishes such as crayfish salad, grilled rack of lamb and the chef’s own crème caramel.

A qualified truth

For a long time, Krebsegaarden has been at the top of TripAdvisor’s list of the best restaurants in Copenhagen. A list that most people in the restaurant business are a bit skeptical about as it is no secret that there can be plenty of false reviews and praise coming from the owners themselves.

As is the case with many similar sites, TripAdvisor can’t really check whether you’ve actually eaten at the restaurant before writing a review. This issue has caused the consumer ombudsman to take action and issue new and stricter guidelines for writing online reviews.

However, this isn’t the case withDinnerBooking, which is the most commonly used site in Denmark for booking a table at a restaurant. More than 600,000 people use the site monthly and most of them will be sent a survey asking them to rate their experience. One in three people agree to take the survey.

Success based on basic values

Restaurant Krebsegaarden on Studiestræde has for the last seven months been number one among thetop rated restaurants in eastern Denmark.Recent numbers from DinnerBooking.com even show thatKrebsegaarden has received the best customer reviews of 2014 compared to other restaurants on the site.

The two Norwegian owners of Krebsegaarden are very enthusiastic and according to one of them, Mats Wergeland, the positive feedback is a result of the restaurant’s focus on creating a homey and relaxed atmosphere:

“We’d rather slow things down a bit than havea jam-packed restaurant every night. We see it as having guests over for dinner and it’s important that they feel welcome and stay as long as they like,” says Mats Wergeland and adds that many people stay until closing time.

Fewer guests, more atmosphere

When success comes knocking, many restaurants have a tendency to bite off more than they can chew. They are always fully booked and prefer to overbook in case anyone cancels. Of course it makes sense financially, but the level of service might suffer. Krebsegaarden, however, opts out of that race.

“Our philosophy is that you have to dare to say no to more customers. If we have a cancellation, we’d rathertake extra good care of the other guests than focuson filling up the restaurant,” says Mats Wergeland.

How guest feedback works at DinnerBooking

You rate your experience based on the food, level of service, atmosphere, the overall experience and whether it’s value for money. The list of the best-rated restaurants of the first half of 2014 is based on an average of 298 guest reviews per restaurant. Unlike other review sites, guests can only review a restaurant if they have actually been there.

DinnerBooking’s guest feedback is based on a monthly average of 13,000 reviews and covers 250 Danish restaurants that have chosen to add the guest feedback function when signing up with DinnerBooking. This means that there are many other great restaurants out there that might not be using the DinnerBooking system or simply chose not to use the guest feedback feature.