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In English | 02/02/15

Guide: Places to Eat in the Meatpacking District in Copenhagen



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  • Foto: Rasmus Kramer Schou Foto: Rasmus Kramer Schou

When it comes to new restaurants and areas in Copenhagen, it can be a challenge to stay up to date. AOK’s food editor has got some great restaurants lined up for you, all located in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District ( Kødbyen), and he will guide you safely through the neighborhood that was once reserved for butchers.

The Mother of all Pizza Crusts

The three guys behind Mother, a busy, Italian-style eatery, all have a passion for Italian food and a background in the restaurant business. They serve gourmet pizzas with a sourdough crust made in a wood fired oven and it’s a great place to visit forboth lunch and dinner.

Høkerboderne 9
1712 København V

The Barbecue Restaurant


In late 2013, the Meatpacking District got a new restaurant with a multinational menu and room for more than 100 guests. The place is called Kul, it’s located at Høkerboderne 16B-20 and they like to barbecue. The chefs behind Kul are called HenrikJyrk and Christian Mortensen and they’ve taken the restaurant world by storm. The culinary inspiration comes mainly from California, but they don’t follow any particular rules, which means that if the best ingredients come from the American East Coast or Japan, well, that’s what they’ll use. There are 10-15 dishes on the menu, all about the size of an appetizer, and the prices vary from DKK 75-150 for one dish.


Høkerboderne 16b
1712 København V

A Wine Bar in an Old Factory

PatéPaté is located in an old liver pâté factory – hence the name – and is owned byKenn Husted, a wine bar specialist, who is also the man behind a number of other places in Copenhagen. You’ll find PatéPaté on a corner in the Meatpacking District and on hot summer days, you can enjoy a drink in the sun on the benches out front. The kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and dinner inspired by the French, Spanish and Moroccan cuisines and there is a wide array of wines to select from.

Slagterboderne 1
1716 København V

A Fashionable Place with Raw Fish

Kødbyens Fiskebar (The Meatpacking District’s Fish Bar) is a top trendy place and when it first opened, it was pretty much impossible to get a seat as they were already occupied by creative city people with a love of seafood and quality white wine, who think it’s way cooler to sit on a hard bench with a view of the refrigerated vans in the Meatpacking District than to rest in a soft chair with a cloth napkin on their laps.

But when you do find a seat, the food is tasty and right on point, the fish is fresh and the wine menu should be able to satisfy even the most spoiled palates.

Kødbyens Fiskebar
Flæsketorvet 100
1711 København V

From Snout to Tail

The food bar Nose2Tail is simply decorated, fairly cheap and there’s plenty of room for people who want some tasty food. Nose2Tail doesn’t just buy regular cuts of meat; they use every single part of the animal, from nose to tail.

Today’s special differs from day to day depending on which animals they get and which vegetables are in season.

Flæsketorvet 13a
1711 København V

The Icelandic Burger

When McDonald’s and Burger King tried to compete with Tommi’s burgersin Iceland,Tommi beat them both. In June 2014, he opened Tommi’s Burger Joint in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District.

The menu is simple. Burger, fries, and shakes. The buns are soft and fluffy and the patties are juicy and super tasty. You can get a plain burger for DKK 69.

The burger joint is a sort of kitsch place with an ET poster on the wall, string lights, a mirrorball hanging from the ceiling and menus written on cardboard.

Tommi's Burger Joint
Høkerboderne 23
1712 København V

The Indian One

BollyFood in the Meatpacking District makes authentic, homemade Indian food. The place is mostly intended for takeout, but it is possible to eat in the restaurant.

You order a so-called Tiffin Box, which is also the name of a traditional Indian lunch box. In BollyFood’s Tiffin Box, you’ll find fried rice, naan bread, chaat, two kinds of dip and a small dessert. A vegetarian version will cost you DKK 199, while one with meat costs DKK 129. You can also get a Street Box for DKK 49.

Bollyfood Kødbyen
Slagterboderne 10
1716 København V

Modern Organic Cafeteria

The organic cafeteria BioMio seats 250 guests and they can all enjoy some eco-friendly food with a view of Halmtorvet. BioMio isn’t for people who want the typical restaurant experience. At BioMio, you are your own waiter and in return, you get healthy food at a reasonable price before you head on out to the theater or the clubs.

Halmtorvet 19
1700 København V

The Authentic One

When you enter the Meatpacking District from Halmtorvet, you’ll find one of Vesterbro’sfew remaining authentic places: Chicky Grill. You can have dinner at half the price of what you’d be paying over at the shabby chic wine bar PatéPaté. Halmtorvet has been the home of Chicky Grill since 1978. Vesterbro native Torben Steno describes it like this, “Chicky Grill at Halmtorvet is one hundred per cent real with “stegtflæsk” (fried pork strips) and parsley sauce for DKK 50, professional alcoholics, Jutlandic workmen discussing politics, and Polish prostitutes using the place as a shelter from the rain. The nappa leather seats are so worn that the foam rubber crumbles apart when you touch the seats”.

Chicky Grill
Halmtorvet 21
1700 København V

The Juicy Burger

In 2014, HenrikBoserup jumped aboard a new project called Juicy Burger. He’s put in the time and effort to develop his very own version of the perfect burger.
The bun is made from the best ingredients and the juicy meat is from Grambogaard and is freshly minced every day.

Juicy Burger
Flæsketorvet 44
1711 København V