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In English | 19/11/14

7 Restaurants with a View in Copenhagen



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  • View from 'Restaurant Tårnet'. Foto: David Leth Williams

    View from 'Restaurant Tårnet'.

    Foto: David Leth Williams
Eat among the clouds and enjoy the view with some good food. Here is a list of seven restaurants in Copenhagen that will take you to new heights.

Danish Design and a Beautiful Panoramic View

The view from Alberto K is simply magnificent –possibly the best one in Copenhagen. We’re on the 20th floor and light rushes in through the windows from every direction.

The settings could not be better at Hotel Royal’s gourmet restaurant. The open kitchen is placed in the middle of the room, which means that there’s room for the tables by the windows and the restaurant is decorated in deference to the legacy of Danish designer Arne Jacobsen.

In charge of the kitchen is JeppeFoldager, former sous-chef at SøllerødKro before he qualified for the unofficial world championship for chefs, the Bocuse d’Or, and brought home a silver medal. The food is modern French at a gourmet price level.

Alberto K
Hammerichsgade 1
1611 København V

The One in Parken Stadium

Geranium is located on the eighth floor of the H-tower with a view of Sweden in clear weather.

“At first I was skeptical, but we’ve really come to love this place. And I still get a rush every day when I come here and look out over the treetops of Fælledparken,” says head chef RasmusKofoed, who has won gold, silver and bronze medals at the World Championship for chefs.

His food is avant-garde Nordic and world-class and it has earned Geranium two Michelin stars. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in town, but for over 20 dishes and an unforgettable experience, it’s worth it.

Per Henrik Lings Allé 4
2100 København Ø

The One with Sushi

At Sticks'n'Sushi on the 12th floor of the Tivoli Hotel, located on KalvebodBrygge, there’s an amazing, un-Danish atmosphere and you get the feeling that you might as well be in London or some other metropolis.

You can sit on swings by the cocktail bar and the sushi bar features a big terrace where you can sit on a fine day and a section next to the open kitchen where you can eat the traditional Japanese way: Sitting on the floor.

The concept is raw fish and marinated rice the way Copenhageners know and love it. Dinner will cost you a couple hundred Danish kroner.

Sticks'n'Sushipå Tivoli Hotel
Arni Magnussons Gade 2
1577 København V

The One Above the Politicians

The tower of Christiansborg Palace is with its 106 meters (347.8 ft) one of the highest points in Denmark and restaurant Tårnetis located 28 meters (91.9 ft) above sea level. However, there’s only one large window in the restaurant, so you might get a better view of the city if you go to the top of the tower.

If you do decide to go for the ultimate view, there’s a staircase that leads to the lantern at the very top of the tower where you’ll find Udsigtspunktet (the Vantage Point).

Rasmus Bo Bojesen runs Tårnet and the food is Danish with local dishes from all over the country. The price level is average.

Prins Jørgens Gård 1
1218 København K

The One by Rundetårn

If you want to eat in the city center among the many verdigris green spires, you should go to the Danish Postal Museum on Købmagergade. Their café is located at the top of the building and has huge panoramic windows and a fantastic view of the city’s spires and rooftops.

You’ll find the café by entering through the museum and taking the elevator to the top floor. The food is traditionally good café food and prices start at DKK 99.

Cafe Hovedtelegrafen
Købmagergade 37
1012 København K

The Leaning One

Bella Sky Comwell is the largest hotel in Scandinavia and on the 23rd floor, in Tower 2, you’ll find the Sky Bar, which has a breathtaking view of Sweden to one side and AmagerFælled and Copenhagen on the other.

When you’re sitting at the very top of one of the towers, which are 76.7 meters (251.6 ft) tall, you can entertain your date, business partner or dear grandmother with some fun facts: Both towers lean at an angle of 15 degrees and the bridge that connects the two towers can move up to 42 centimeters (1.37 ft) in windy weather.

The menu is a mix of traditional dishes for lunch such as “smørrebrød” (open-faced sandwiches) and for dinner, the kitchen focuses on creativity with a lot of smaller elements. Prices are hotel prices.

Sky Bar
Center Boulevard 5
2300 København S

The One in the Royal Danish Opera House

The restaurant in the Opera House is open in connection with shows or parties and offers a tempting dinner in fascinating, architectural surroundings. It’s a beautiful experience no matter where you look with a view of Amalienborg Palace from across the water, and the view of Opera itself with its impressive foyer is just breathtaking.

The food is inspired by the Nordic cuisine, served on rustic trays. The courses are light to make sure that you’re ready for the show afterwards. The staff is friendly and capable so you can lean back and enjoy your meal. If you order seven courses, you can enjoy the last two courses during the intermission. They’ll be waiting for you on the table, which has been set anew. You pay the check before the show starts, five courses for DKK 295 and seven courses for DKK 385.

Bojesens restaurant i Operaen
Ekvipagemestervej 10
1438 København K