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Scene | 12/02/13

Mime, dance, singing. Klovneworkshop med artisten Didier Danthois

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Oprettet af: Rikke Sofie Moller 12. feb 2013
Senest redigeret af Rikke Sofie Moller 12. feb 2013

Vi er glade for at kunne invitere jer til klovneworkshop d. 16-17 marts i København med den franske artist, danser og klovn Didier Danthois. Se nærmere beskrivelse her:

Workshoppen "Awakening the Fool at Heart" is an art form that combines the practice of mindfulness with mime, clowning, dance and singing.

Mime is a form of communication born from silence; a non-verbal adventure into inner listening and the present moment. This simplicity is what allows the creativity of the clown, the main archetype of this work, to manifest.
The Clown will walk us to the edge, beckoning us to play with the world and to discover a treasure in a grain of sand. The clown liberates us from the shadows of old habits and fears of the unknown, which naturally reveals the Sacred Clown, and awakens the Wisdom of Innocence.

We will also explore presence, space and beauty through the visual poetry of dance and movement ; and we will cultivate the authentic voice through a type of singing, rooted in classical Indian music called Raga.

This approach to singing is also known as Nàda Yoga (Yoga of sound).

If you wish to participait in the workshop, please contact Rikke Sofie Moller via email:


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