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Scene | 03/02/13


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Oprettet af: KABARET HEMMELIG 3. feb 2013
Senest redigeret af KABARET HEMMELIG 6. feb 2013


Saturday, February 9th, 2013 will be the 4th installment of the exclusive, unpredictable KABARET HEMMELIG.

KABARET HEMMELIG prides itself on structuring an epic performance composed of the world-class talent found in this great country. To go along with these artists, HEMMELIG is comprised of a solid ensemble of professional artists (both known and unknown) whom support each act within the show’s adapted theme….

February 9th has an Asian theme: ASIAN PROVOCATEUR!

This upcoming episode of HEMMELIG will be held in Copenhagen’s legendary, floating nightclub: Spectrum. 3 hours chocked full of sexiness, unique talent, giveaways, electronic dance music, hip hop, pop, world music, and pole dancing which you can all wash down with nice tasty beverages from the bar.

After the show, we will be sinking this ferry with the most WICKED party ever! Ticket price: 150, -

The whole concept behind KABARET HEMMELIG revolves around the show being kept a secret all the way up until the performance. Under this ideology, the audience comes with an "open mind”---free from expectations of who and/or what is going to happen. We employ artists from a wide array of performance genres: dancers, singers, acrobats, ballet artists, magicians---anything is possible!

Even with this lack of information, we expect to find an extremely surprised audience in reverence of the quality of the show and the matchless skill of the artists! The audience gets to experience an environment where known artists perform fresh, new material and unknown artists have the opportunity to shine alongside them!

Common to ALL artists are that they are carefully selected and each has something super unique to display.

Did you know that we have a songwriter here in Denmark that has delivered 10 #1 hits last year and has written songs for The Storm, Kylie Minogue, and X-Factor USA (among others)? Did you know that Denmark has a dancer who has just returned from a world tour with Madonna? Did you know that Medina’s backup singer releases her own album in February and has been involved in writing songs for Brandy? We ONLY salute talent. NOT the celebrity factor.

The one-month's time allocated in-between every show is used to book artists, orchestrate the choreography, develop the styling, construct the layout, and produce new songs.

The show begins with a mysteriously exciting intro that gives the audience a little taste of what they can expect from the rest of the evening. It is raw, delicious, and unpolished!
The ultimate vision KABARET HEMMELIG in the long term is to find the perfect venue/location for a fixed, weekly show.

The imaginative and driving force behind KABARET HEMMELIG are two of Denmark’s top professional performance artists; PATRICK SPIEGELBERG & JONAS WORUP.

Spiegelberg and Worup created this new, unique universe around HEMMELIG based on their 10-year friendship, shared common vision, and education/career in the performance industry (dance, music, and entertainment).

The breadth of KABARET HEMMELIG’s CV is extensive and features (among other things) involvement with dancers, choreographers, artists and participants in/with Popstars (TV2), Wallmans Salonger, Sanne Salomonsen, Chicago (The New Theatre), So You Think You Can Dance (Channel 5), tours with Infernal, Olsen Banden (Tivoli Concert Hall), Matador (Opera), Ariadne (Opera), P3 Gold, Melodi Grand Prix 2010 (DR1), X-Factor 2009 + 2011, Zulu Award 2009, Akon, Medina, Alphabeat, Nelly Furtado, Anna David, Joey Moe, Fanfare (own band), Den eneste ene, (musical), Her er dit liv 2011, Stupid Man theatrical concert, and now the latest venture…KABARET HEMMELIG.

Additional info: /hemmelig-asianprovocateur


Interview/Press: (+45) 23 30 07 37


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