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Scene | 14/06/18

Installation, poetry, performance

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Une chambre / Et værelse / A room

Oprettet af: Pauline Jupin 14. jun 2018
Senest redigeret af Pauline Jupin 14. jun 2018

Wednesday 20.06.18 - 19-20.30 (in french, danish, english)

Performance, reading and musical improvisation With: Mallory Patte-Serrano and Isabelle Scaviner from the artistic collective L'Enjeu / Lucia Seabova i from the art group Troubadours 21
in the installation Une chambre/A room by Pauline Jupin.

Step in a room, it has its own story but it is yours while you are there. All can be touched, the readable can be read, the eatable can be eaten and so on. And there is room for your own story.

Free entrance.

Pauline Jupin (FR) works within poetry, installation, performance and dramaturgy. She also translates poetry from Danish to French. Among her currents projects : the collaborative Digtets Ånd/The spirit of the Poem (which creative process is documented on the web page of the publishing house Arkiv for Detajler) and a street-art poetry project Raining Poetry Nørrebro (#RPN) that she curates for IMMART.

Follow Pauline´s projects on Fb : Pauline Ji


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