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Scene | 21/11/12

A Piece of Kenya in the Heart of Copenhagen

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Oprettet af: Sara Thestrup Hansen 21. nov 2012

Welcome everyone to Mellemrummet’s first and annual Celebrating-Kenya Festival!

The event will be held on November 27th and 29th, right here in the heart of Copenhagen. These two days will be dedicated to shedding light on the stories and experiences of brave female leaders in Kenya, who have managed to overcome the challenges of their difficult environments. The festival will be a celebration where all can come and enjoy delicious Kenyan cuisine, learn from inspirational speakers and enjoy Kenyan art, music and dance.

There will also be an opportunity to view a stirring documentary called "Taking Root - The Vision of Wangari Maathai". This is a documentary about a Kenyan woman whose dreams and efforts to plant trees, eventually gave her the Nobel Peace Prize.

To wrap up the event, the final night will include a variety of performers like DJ's Prince Anil and Master Fatman all to provide those who attend the event ( ) a true Kenyan nightclub experience.

All profits from this event will be donated to the women’s projects that Mellemrummet continues to support in Kenya.


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