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Restaurant og café | 23/09/12

DATE THE ARGENTINE WAY-Argentine Winebar & steak joint


Tango y Vinos

Herluf Trolles Gade 9
1052 København K


Tir - Søndag: Fra Kl. 12:00 - till late






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Oprettet af: Bruger 219990 23. sep 2012

Give her a call, tell her to get ready and don't give too much information. Surprise her. Or him if that is your preference... Come along, relax, this is the program for the evening. The rest is up to you.

You will be arriving at 18.00, and we will welcome you with a nice glass of cold white wine. Experience the texture of the wine, the aromas, and depths of the colour. Share your thinking. You will find out how the world will be very different for you both, and far better than the usual small talk about the weather.

At around 18.30 you will be having our 6 steps dinning menu, together with another 2 glasses of wines to pair with our tasty kitchen.

When each of you finishes the third glass of wine, the dessert and the coffee of your choice. By then, your mood is up, you are relaxed, and the Argentine wines are working your system. Now, it gets really tricky.

At 20.00 you take your date's hand, look into the depths of her/his eyes and say: 'Darling, I will now Tango with you, and meanwhile we both are learning the basic steps, I will be close enough to whisper into your ears my plans for the rest of the night.

Dating at Tango y Vinos in Argentine style. How the night ends is up to you…

The package includes:

3 step dining menu
3 glasses of wine houses choice
90 min tango class

Date & time:
Tuesdays, from 18.00 to 21 .30.

Price per person:
DKK 550,-

Further info:
The offer cannot be combined with other offers; it needs to be pre booked.
The tango class is part of the drop in tango class. The offer is open for max 5 dating couples per Tuesday.


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