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Natteliv | 16/01/13

Knobs (Nachtstrom Schallplatten / The Zone ) Live

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Oprettet af: PetterPistol 16. jan 2013
Senest redigeret af PetterPistol 16. jan 2013

RUHR Distrikt og Be-Skidt-Tech-Nik er stolte af, i samarbejde, at kunne præsentere Knobs med et live-set, første gang i Danmark. Han supporteres denne aften af de lokale DJ's: Soran & Petter Pistol, Andy Zones, Mike Brown og Novic samt visuals af Meilvang.

Dato: 08.02.2013
Tidspunkt: 00:00 - 08:00
Entré: 50,-

Biografi samt yderligere info på Engelsk:

KNOBS (NL / IT) - Live set!

Supported by:

Soran & Petter Pistol (RUHR Distrikt / Local 6)

Andy Zones (Be-Skidt-Tech-Nik / Red Robot)

Mike Brown (Local 6)


Visuals by: Meilvang

Knobs aka Diego Simonetti born in Rome on 24th June 1985 is a real cosmopolitan, he has lived and travelled abroad in Kinshasa (Africa), Ottawa (Canada), Philadelphia (USA), Beijing (China), Geneva (Switzerland) and finally came back to Rome in 2003. Now is in Amsterdam studying Sound Engineering at SAE Institute.

He bought his first drum machine and began playing with sounds in 2005 inspired by machines and livesets. He has a strong break influence in his music coming from Hip Hop as a child as well as Drum & Bass and Dubstep later in his life. He experimented producing all kinds of electronic music from Trip Hop, Breakbeat, Drum & Bass, Dubstep to Hardtechno and discovered and focused on Minimal and Techno beats in 2008.

He chose the name knobs because the first time he used a drum machine skipping school in a pub he was fascinated by the use of the knobs. He fell in love with fumbling with machines and this love eventually struck a greater love which he expressed through making his own music. From then on his love grows and grows.

He said: "I love producing lets me express myself which i believe is the most important thing for a person in order to find himself and enjoy his life."

In 2010 he began having some personal satisfactions. He was charted 6th in Chris Liebing's Timewarp chart with his track Burundi. During this year many artists in the scene that represent idols for him began playing some of his track


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