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Musik | 10/09/12

Yellow Lounge

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Oprettet af: Avenue Hotel Copenhagen 10. sep 2012
Senest redigeret af Avenue Hotel Copenhagen 10. sep 2012


The Yellow Lounge was introduced in 2000 and has since spread with success to cities like Berlin, Vienna, Stockholm and Salzburg. The idea from the start was to tear classical music out of the concert halls and into completely different, exciting and innovative environments, where it could meet new audiences and be presented in new surroundings. Many star entertainers have been involved in the concept. Anne Sophie von Otter and Elvis Costello have visited Yellow Lounge in Berlin, where also Neil Tennant from the Pet Shop Boys has appeared as guest DJ. Latest, Sting has introduced “Songs from the Labyrinth”, a CD made for Deutsche Grammophon, at the Yellow Lounge in Berlin. At Avenue Hotel there will be two DJs who will throw themselves into the special Yellow Lounge genre:


Katrine is one of Denmark’s most knowledgeable and diverse DJs mastering all genres and styles in her very own, special way. Many will remember Katrine from Danish Radio’s P3 in the 80s, where she was among those who broke the ice for electronic and underground music. Katrine also writes as a music critic on various magazines, publications and newspapers. With her outstanding musical overview, Katrine Ring mixes the classical masters with modern electronic artists.


Katrine Ring and Stephan Bomberg will be mixing classic music every Wednesday at the Avenue Hotel. Avenue Hotel served brunch to classic music with great success last year. Now the DJ’s, Katrine Ring and Stephen Bomberg, will be mixing classic music every Wednesday evening for you. Chill out to magnificent music in our relaxing lounge, where you will find magazines, newspapers, interesting wines, specially imported coffees and delicate foods, and last but not least our new cocktail “Yellow Lounge”…. whatever your mood dictates. Yellow Lounge is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and everyday life. Enjoy a Wednesday night in the company of your friends and great music –where it is also possible to carry on a conversation.


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