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In English | 10/08/12

Madam Chu's



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  • Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com
  • Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com
  • Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com
  • Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com Foto: Megan Routh, meg.routh@gmail.com
A look at Copenhagen’s Shanghai-chic cocktail bar.

Opened on August 03, 2012, Madam Chu’s is the latest addition to Copenhagen’s growing scene of high-end cocktail bars.

The bar was the brainchild of business partners Paul Muldowney and André Greedy, owners of The Union and of the former Office Space.

The Union, as only those in-the-know know, is a partially hidden cocktail bar near Nyhavn that harks back to America’s prohibition era. This sleek and sophisticated bar has a luxurious and almost decadent feel, with its wooden interiors and tin ceiling imported from New York. As Copenhagen’s first speakeasy style bar, stepping into The Union is like stepping back in time, and its combination of richly styled interiors, lack of windows and stout, handcrafted cocktails often leaves you feeling like you’ve escaped into a different era.

Over on Gammel Strand, Madam Chu’s has a decidedly different, yet somehow familiar vibe.

“We call her our little adopted sister,” says Union bartender Geoffrey Canilao, “she’s part of the family, but different.”

The decor strikes the almost impossible balance of being simultaneously kitschy and classy, with beautiful imported display cases being home to campy souvenirs and plastic figurines. Black painted walls and red accents flank the rather spacious bar, which is situated two steps below the street and behind a black curtain.

Upon entering, you’re greeted in the same manner as The Union, that is, met with a glass of water and offer to tweak any menu offering to your specific tastes. The bar is welcoming, the atmosphere is jovial and the menu is inventive.

Using unorthodox ingredients like aloe vera juice and eucalyptus leaves, the drinks are unique and surprising without being gimmicky or bizarre. The “Candy X,” comprised of red ruby port and ginger juice and adorned with skewered pieces of candied ginger, is sweet but not sugary, and subtly spicy but not overdone. The “Coffee Kick” is the perfect drink to get you through an alcohol-induced slump, and on to the next beverage.

At both locations, the largely international staff provides a quality of service that foreigners and ex-pats can be nostalgic for.

“It’s about laughter and fun; we want to keep people happy, says Canilao, “we don't sell the drink, but rather, the possibilities of drink.”

Prices at both places are about on par with the other upper-brow cocktail bars in the city, which is, not cheap. But while the cost of the drink may be a bit on the high side, so is the content and quality, and you’ll feel the impact of the drinks before your wallet does.

Madam Chus is open Tuesdays through Saturdays, from 6 pm until late.

What: Asian-inspired cocktail bar
Where: Gammel Strand 40
When: Tues-Sat: 18:00-Late

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The worst service ever!!!

The worst service I ever experience. Well I didn't get any service because when the bartender didn't understood what I wanted (tanqueray with Fanta/swcheppes lemon) he just made a gesture of contempt and left!! I have never experience something like that!! I will never come back!!


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Nice interior - terrible management

We were not entirely satisfied with out cocktails - steep price, lousy drinks - all three of us were disappointed. In a normal bar that would be ok - we would just order beer the next time, and write this place off as a cocktail supplier.

But the owner happened to hear our comment to the bartender, and he took our drinks from our hands. When we asked him to give them back to us or give us or money back, he called the bouncers who brutally threw us out!

We were quite shocked, and certainly do not wish to support Madman Chu's









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Altid legendarisk

Jeg ærger mig over negative kommentarer om et af mine yndlingssteder, og vælger (endelig) som en trofast gæst, at give min dybeste anbefaling!

Hver gang (og det er blevet til en del) jeg har besøgt Madam Chu's, har der været fantastisk service, god stemning og vigtigst af alt: udsøgte cocktails.

Der er klasse over stedet, og selvfølgelig også bartenderne, som yder god service, på trods af, at jeg har oplevet (tæt på ulovligt) fulde gæster, så prøver bartenderne altid på en pædagogisk måde, at få folk hjem i en taxa.

Den største ros til Thomas og resten af det faste inventar.
Tak for at gøre hver aften vellykket, når man tager forbi Madam Chu's.

God jul!


Bliv væk !!

Snoppede bartendere der kun tænker på hvor meget du drikker. Bliv væk og bliv væk fra Thomas som smider alle væk han ikke kan lide.