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In English | 18/07/12

Light Up; Drink Up



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A guide to Copenhagen's smoking-friendly bars

Over the past few years, governments all over the globe have increasingly becoming involved in the ever-controversial debate over the right (or lack thereof) to smoke in public places. And more often than not, that involvement has come in the form of smoking bans and anti-smoking initiatives.

Like most of Europe, Denmark has enacted some smoking restrictions for public areas.

These laws, initially passed in August 2007, and renewed with modifications earlier in 2012, are part of a larger set of smoking restrictions aimed at not only cutting back on smoking in public, but abating the habit altogether. Included in the legislation is a 1.5 million kroner stipend to stop-smoking-now telephone hotline Stoplinen, that is a cheaper, albeit less minty-fresh, alternative to nicotine gum.

The laws are controversial, and as with most legislation, leave both sides upset. The laws are also fairly extensive, and unless you’re wondering if you can light one up while driving a farm tractor (yes, yes you can), the majority of the stipulations will not affect the average bar-hopper. (Note: AOK does not endorse driving a farm tractor home from a bar).

But whether you view the cigarette and the drink as the greatest pairing since bacon and eggs (or really, bacon and anything), or reject it as an unholy union of stink, it’s helpful to know which bars allow it, and which do not.

So let’s answer the real question here: how do these laws affect your Tuborg/Marlboro game?

Well, smoking indoors is limited to bars 40 square meters or smaller. And while this may seem like a calculated move to ensure maximum stinkage, is actually a means to protect the smaller bodegas, which are often no larger than 40 square meters themselves.

Some bars try, and are usually able, to circumvent the law by providing designated “smoke rooms,” which can be anything from a entirely separate room to a segregated area (picture plastic-walled bus stop-looking booths. Now picture them crammed with smokers. Now inhale deeply).

As fate would have it, the bars and pubs that fulfill this criteria and do permit smoking are usually the some of the oldest, most-carpeted and wood-paneled bars around. They are also some of the best. Here are our picks for some of our favorite smoking-friendly bars.

Vinstue 90
Gammel Kongevej 90
33 31 84 90

Bobi Bar 
Klareboderne 14 
33 12 55 43
The Mask
Studiestræde 33
33 91 09 37

The Moose 
Sværtegade 5
33 91 42 91

Den Glade Gris
Lille Kannikestræde 3
33 32 96 90 

Svandsgade 1
33 31 19 08

Wessels Kro
Sværtegade 7
33 12 67 93

Byens Kro
Møntergade 8
33 12 55 89
Din Nye Ven
Sankt Peders Stræde 34
33 32 85 15

Tryk Bar
Møntergade 24
33 33 01 71