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In English | 23/06/14

Guide to: Christianshavn



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  • Copenhagen Street Food. Foto: Rasmus Kramer SchouCopenhagen Street Food. Foto:

Christianshavn is a neighborhood full of hidden treasures and some of the most exciting places can be found outside of the center of the district. In 2014, Copenhagen Street Food and Experimentarium on Papirøen, which is located on Holmen. The first of these offers a wide variety of unusual eating experiences and great coffee in a large industrial building by the water, while at the Experimentarium, kids and their parents learn a little something about all kinds of fun, exciting inventions and experiments.

Next to Papirøen is Operaen (The Opera House), one of Copenhagen’s many landmarks. Getting to the Opera House is easy if you take harbor bus from for instance Nyhavn or Islands Brygge - and if you’re not in the mood for opera, there are plenty of beautiful experiences in the surrounding area of the Opera House, for instance the floating café and bar Kontiki and Nordic cooking at Spisehuset 56 Grader.

On the other side of Papirøen, you’ll find the gastronomic pride of the town, the Michelin-starred restaurant Noma. The dishes are innovative and Nordic - but if you want a table, you’ll have to make a reservation and save up well in advance. At Wildersgade, you’ll find another Michelin restaurant, namely the also quite legendary Kadeau.

If your next Christianshavn experience doesn’t have to be smothered in Michelin hype, you could enjoy a cup of coffee or a cool drink at Bådudlejningen, which, like Kontiki on Holmen, is floating on the canal, right where the canal crosses Torvegade. And since you’re here anyway, you could buy some fresh fish from Fiskebilen at Christianshavns Torv and if you’re lucky, you might also find fruit and vegetable vendors.

You could take a charming walk around the canals and enjoy the sight of the beautiful, old buildings and half-timbered houses, but it’s also quite an experience to visit Eiffel Bar. The place is small, dark and smoke-filled - and the locals love it. It’s the 1930’s Paris atmosphere mixed with a crowd of high school students, businesspeople and retired sailors. At Christianshavn, you’ll also find the original Lagkagehuset, a bakery that didn’t get its name from the delicious cakes, but because the building looks like a layer cake.

If you’ve never been to Christiania (Staden) before, it might be a bit of a culture shock. This freetown in the middle of the city was founded in 1971 and is home to a lot a creative personalities. Walking through the residential areas of the little village is a magnificent sight because these houses do not look like regular houses. The music venue Den Grå Hal has been visited by prominent artists like Bob Dylan, and Nemoland hosts great open air concerts with a great atmosphere and cheap beer throughout the summer season. But remember to bring cash because Staden doesn’t accept payment cards.


Copenhagen Street Food, Trangravsvej 14, 1436 København K

Experimentarium City, Trangravsvej 10-12, 1436 København K

Operaen, Ekvipagemestervej 10, 1438 København K

Kontiki, Takkelloftvej 1z, 1437 København K

Spisehuset 56 Grader, Krudtløbsvej 8, 1439 København K

Noma, Strandgade 93, 1401 København K

Kadeau, Wildersgade 10, 1408 København K

Eiffel Bar, Wildersgade 58, 1408 København K

Lagkagehuset, Torvegade 45, 1400 København K

Christiania, Pusher Street, 1440 København K

Den Grå Hal, Refshalevej 2, 1432 København K

Nemoland, Fabriksområdet 52, 1440 København K