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In English | 02/05/16

Food trucks: The rebels are rolling again



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The season of the nomadic army of food trucks has begun. Catch them here.

2 years ago Copenhagen was introduced with a bang to food trucks and their finger-licking good street food, when Copenhagen Street Food opened on Papirøen. In spite of the delayed inner harbour bridge, droves of people journeyed to the spacious hall which was quick to fill its roughly 40 vendor spots.

But Copenhagen did not stop there. This was just the beginning.

Last year Rebel Food arrived on the scene. Behind the name is an organisation that specialises in gathering the best of food trucks. The buzzwords are community, knowledge sharing and development. But most important for you and me is the food that will pop up at various markets around the city.

After launching this season on 14 April on Halmtorvet, the Rebels will make their way through the rest of the city following this route:

5-7 May, Den Røde Plads, Nørrebro
9-11 June, Halmtorvet, Vesterbro
7-9 July, Nørrebro
4-6 August, Halmtorvet
18-20 August, Islands Brygge
1-3 September, Nørrebro
22-24 September, Halmtorvet

Get the bigger picture of this year's activities.

This year also sees the launch of a good value taster menu, giving you the opportunity to sample all kinds of different things from the food trucks. The concept is called REBEL BITES and it is like a value card for tasting, the more you taste, the more money you save.

Rebel Food is founded by kaospilot and street food expert Frederik Aske Sønksen and Ingrid Kofoed, a veteran of 25 years from the Danish film industry who has worked in the production of numerous famous Danish films.

Last but not least is Peter Ålbæk Jensen who, besides being a big name in Danish film, is passionate about great food and a hobbyist pig farmer.

“If you're cooking food on a refitted bicycle or with just two tiny burners in a decommissioned campervan, your focus has to be completely on your food – that's what's awesome and authentic about street food. People bring their own ideas and love, exactly how they want, and enter the wonderful world of street food,“ founding member of Rebel Food and film producer Peter Ålbæk Jensen says. This year he can be found, along with his son-in-law, in their own street food booth where they will be selling sausages and more.

What: Rebel Food
Where: In all of Copenhagen
When: From mid-April
How: Catch the on Facebook here