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In English | 19/07/12

DIY Dessert



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Frozen Yogurt is Copenhagen's newest dessert experience

The self-serve frozen yogurt trend, like many good things dangerously enticing and potentially excessive, began on the US West Coast a few years ago. In the years since, some thousands of stores have popped up around the States, and now the globe. Frozberry, located right near the intersection of Godthåbvej/Rolighedsvej and Falkoner Allé, brings the trend to Copenhagen.

Frozen Yogurt, or Fro Yo if you’re really hip, is the new Cupcake.

Cupcakes, as we all know, rose to Michael Jackson-levels of fame after being featured on the TV show “Sex and the City.” Inspired by a group of women that did not exist in real life, people stood in around-the-corner lines and paid absorbent prices for these gussied-up muffins. It didn’t take long for bakeries to figure out that they could combine a host of pretentious and absurd flavors, slap a fondant adornment on top of a buttercream frosting mountain and call it gourmet, which of course, then allows the price to be doubled that of what any person should ever pay for a cupcake. Ever.

But back to Frozen Yogurt. It’s the new “in” dessert, and unlike its frosted predecessor, is actually low in calories and completely open to your own flavor preferences and personal budget. A more democratic dessert, the frozen yogurt experience is all about freedom of choice.

Frozberry, managed by Jesper Damlund Jeppesen, gives you the opportunity to create a dessert that is entirely your own. After selecting between two different cups, customers then proceed to a wall of 12 different yogurt flavors that rotate weekly. In these summer months, the shop is keeping customers refreshed by offering many fresh fruit flavors, mixed in-house.

After mixing up your favorite combinations of flavors, customers then proceed to a topping bar where a bevy of different sweets, nuts, candies, syrups and other goodies await. The do-it-yourself aspect of the Frozen Yogurt experience means patrons are in control not only of the flavor, but of the relative healthiness of their treat. Choose from a selection of fresh fruit cut daily at the shop, or get in touch with your inner glutton and put 12 different varieties of chocolate bar in your cup at the same time. The choice is yours.

The yogurt itself is a healthier choice than its cream-based predecessor, created from the lowest fat yogurt available, and mixed with skim-milk and water. Jeppesen has hired in a nutritionist to create a caloric count of all available flavors and toppings, so those looking to dessert in moderation will have the information they need to make some healthier decisions.

In addition to presenting the city with a new and unique dessert experience, Jeppesen hopes Copenhageners see Frozberry as an opportunity for a new dating experience as well, with couples creating a cup of custom yogurt together becoming an alternative to grabbing a coffee at a cafe.

Frozberry is decorated in typical frozen yogurt store fashion, that is, bright pinks, greens and blues. Yogurt machines are nestled into the wall, and shiny plastic stools surround tall, white tables. Indoor seating is ample, and if it ever stops raining, you can sit outside and enjoy your personally created frozen treat.

Patrons pay by weight, and 100 grams of the good stuff will cost you 13 DKK. See more about Frozberry at their website.

What: Self-Serve Frozen Yogurt
Where: Falkoner Alle 80
When: Mon-Sun 11:30-22:00