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In English | 17/08/11

Copenhagen's Best Store For Kids 2011

  • Foto: Jacob Schou Nielsen Foto: Jacob Schou Nielsen
These are the nominees and the winner of Best Store For Kids in Copenhagen 2011...

For 11 years running Copenhagen's leading city guide AOK has honoured the very best things, people, experiences and places in Copenhagen. This year 125 of the best places, shops and spots in Copenhagen have been chosen to compete for the 25 awards.

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Østergade 52
1001 København K

Winner: Kids afdelingen i Illum

Foto: Magnus Møller

Third floor in Illum is now aimed at the kids.

Recently the department store opened its ‘Kids Department’ and you can pretty much find anything for your child among the huge assortment of kids’ fashion brands.

Den Blå Ballon

Viborggade 2
2100 København Ø

Nominee: Den blå ballon

Foto: Ikke oplyst

It is easy to get carried away by the Den Blå Ballon on Østerbro. Their clothes are high-quality and the store is just super cosy.

Old second-hand toys and kidsized chug-chug cars and trains only add to the overall cosiness and ambience. The store sells clothes by commission and split 50-50 with the traders.


Egilsgade 10
2300 København S

Nominee: dinBabuska

Foto: Ikke oplyst

On the atmospheric Islands Brygge is a store that combines a selection of toys and children’s clothes in the most tempting and delicious manner.

The store is called DinBabuska and offers a number of popular children’s fashion brands in a reasonable price range.


Frederiksberg Allé 70 tv
1820 Frederiksberg C

Nominee: Aniel

Foto: Aniel!/pages/Aniel/272390636048

If you are the romantic type, who would like nothing more than have your child look like an angel, Aniel on Frederiksberg is just your thing.

This place is white and has lace everywhere. Aniel takes great care to sell only pure and organic goods.


Strandvejen 179
2900 Hellerup

Nominee: Petit Calin

Foto: Ikke oplyst

This store on Strandvejen in Hellerup is well worth the detour, if you are looking for the right kind of gear for the little ones.


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