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In English | 26/11/14

8 Places to Go When You Can’t Get a Table at Noma



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  • Foto: Torkil Adsersen Foto: Torkil Adsersen

Noma has been named The World’s Best Restaurant several times, which means that you usually can’t get a table.

Noma’swaiting list is very, very long. People from all over the world want to try the restaurant that’s been named the world’s best in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2014.

There’s only one Noma in the world, but don’t despair if you didn’t win the table lottery. We have eight restaurants for you that have close connections to Noma, serve the same kind of food or draw inspiration from the New Nordic cuisine.

Noma’s Neighbor

Amass is a wolf in sheep’s clothing: A very ambitious restaurant but in a relaxed setting.
The owner and chef is American chef Matthew Orlando, who has worked at Noma as both sous chef and head chef. Now Matt has opened his own place on the same street with two floors, 736 m2 (7922.24 ft2) – and with his own raised garden out front.
The attitude toward food is playful and unpretentious, and the menu consists of six courses for DKK 575. If you’d like some wine on the side, a wine menu will cost you an additional DKK 375.

Foto: Jens Astrup

Amass Restaurant
Refshalevej 153
1432 København K

Noma’s Cousin

In 2011, seven years after TV chef and gastronomic entrepreneur Claus Meyer opened Noma with René Redzepi, Meyer decided to open his fourth restaurant, Radio in Frederiksberg.
At Radio, you can try some new gastronomy at a more down-to-earth level than at Nomaand without having to consult your financial advisor. You can get three courses for DKK 300 or five courses for DKK 400. The food is New Nordic and draws inspiration from the organic vegetables that they grow on a great, big field outside of Copenhagen, where they harvest around 80 different crops.
On a side note, one of the chefs, JesperKirketerp, used to be the sous chef at Noma.

På den første menu på Rado er en af forretterne kammusling, broccholi i flere stadier og grønne hyldebær-kapers. Foto: Else Bjørn

Restaurant Radio
Julius ThomsensGade 12
1632 København V

Across the Street from Noma

Studio is located right across the street from Noma. The chef and co-owner is TorstenVildgaard, who was Noma’screative chef for eight years. Now he’s moved into the first floor of the beautiful, old, pastel green Toldkammer with a lovely view of the harbor.
TorstenVildgaardhas a desire to introduce people to food that they’ve never tried before but would definitely want to try again. He doesn’t swear by local produce but draws inspiration from all over the world. It’s international gourmet and you get five courses for DKK 695 and seven courses for DKK 895.

Restaurantanmeldelse, The Standard (Verandah, Studio, Almanak) Foto: Katrine Emilie Andersen

Havnegade 44
1058 København K

Noma’s Brother

Samuel Nutter and Victor Wågman have both been sous chefs at the world’s best restaurant, Noma. But in March 2013, they decided that it was time to do their own thing and they opened their own restaurant.
It’s calledBror and it’s located smack in the middle ofdowntown Copenhagen. The food is a mix between comfort and innovation and don’t be scared if you find a pair of bull testicles or another little treat on your plate.
At Bror, they serve a four-course dinner every night: two appetizers, an entrée and a dessert for about DKK 375.
The restaurant grows its own vegetables on Sejerø and the wine list is dedicated to natural wine.

Restaurant BROR på Skt. Peders Stræde. Foto: Martin Sylvest Andersen

Restaurant Bror
Skt. PedersStræde 24A
1453 København K

Noma’s Old Stove

Relæ is located in a basement on the outskirts of Nørrebro. The cutlery is cheap, the chairs are second-hand – and the restaurant has a Michelin star. On top of that, Relæ was also the first certified organic Michelin-starred restaurant in Denmark. The owner and chef is Danish-Sicilian chef Christian F. Puglisi, who used to be a sous chef at Noma – and he even brought Noma’s old stove to Relæ.
Forget comfort food and bring your Dr. Livingstone curiosity because you are in for a bit of an adventure in a world of new flavors. The gastronomy is innovative and you get four courses for DKK 450. Their wine is biodynamic and contains no added sulfites.

Foto: Liselotte Sabroe

Restaurant Relæ
Jægersborggade 41
2200 København N

Noma’s Friend from Bornholm

Kadeau, located in Christianshavn, is an edgy and innovative restaurant that draws inspiration from the world-famous Nordic cuisine and they have won AOK’s “City’s Best Gourmet” award for the past three years. Kadeau is like a Bornholmian outpost in Copenhagen with a super ambitious Michelin gastronomy and focuses on produce from Bornholm.
If you want to go all in, you can order some “bornholmerbank” (“a Bornholmian beating”), which is their Bornholmian slang for eight courses with champagne, snacks, wine and coffee for DKK 1,950. You can also get four courses for about DKK 625.

Restauranten Kadeau har vundet årets gourmet-pris Foto: Martin Sylvest Andersen

Baunevej 18
3720 Aakirkeby

Noma’s Beautiful Cousin

Höst is the ninth restaurant in Copenhagen by the boysfrom Cofocoand definitely the most beautiful one. It even received a Best Restaurant design award from the American travel magazine Travel + Leisure for its minimalistic, Nordic interior design.
They create modern, New Nordic food without following any dogmas. That means that they buy the best ingredients at the best price so if the best duck is French, they serve a New Nordic French duck. The food has to be accessible as regards both the price and the food itself. You get three courses for DKK 295.

Foto: Malte Kristiansen

NørreFarimagsgade 41
1364 København K

Noma at the Castle

90 kilometers (56 miles) west of Copenhagen, you’ll find one of Denmark’s biggest gourmet temples: Dragsholm Castle. The chef is Claus Henriksen, previously sous-chef at Noma, and he interprets the local Lammefjord cuisine with a New Nordic twist.
The kitchen seeks to find its roots, which is exactly what they’re doing in their vegetable fields, right on the other side of the moat – finding fresh vegetables for the menu, that is.
The castle’s gourmet restaurant is located in the basement of the south wing of the castle and you can get seven courses for about DKK 900.

Dragsholm Slot. Rejseliv. Foto: PR Foto: Ikke oplyst

Dragsholm Slot
DragsholmAllé 1
4534 Hørve