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Film | 18/08/14

And we are back! FilmKlub Screening // Superclásico

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FilmKlub Screening // Superclásico

Oprettet af: VerdensKulturCentret 18. aug 2014
Senest redigeret af VerdensKulturCentret 18. aug 2014

Come and join us for our new season of the FilmKlub. We certainly hope you had a wonderful summer holiday and now you are ready to get cozy again with old pals.
This Sunday in VerdensKulturCentret, we will be featuring "Superclásico" (2011 / 99 mins. Eng. sub).

A lighthearted romantic comedy about fútbol, cultural clash when traveling abroad, and lost romance, with much resemblance to the drama and excitement of the World Cup that just passed.

In the very style of a danish comedy, this time with the director Ole Christian "OC" Madsen who, like Per Fly (from our last movie DRABET), is a part of the "Golden Year" of the Danish film school. Madsen brings us this danish comedy about the adventures of a Copenhagener traveling to Argentina, trying to gain his wife back or perhaps just run away from bankruptcy while trying to find himself.

We believe SUPERCLASICO is for you. So bring all your friends. We will make sure to invite interesting Danish cultural experts as we always do, to get the debate started. And remember all those quirky questions that you always had about danish culture, humour and the special ways danes see the world.

The FilmKlub will provide some refreshing beverages, tea, coffee and some cookies to make sure we have the perfect atmosphere for a wonderful Sunday afternoon in Copenhagen.

This is a free event open to everybody and you are all welcome to join us every month in the new season.

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