Foto: Bjarke Ørsted
Byliv | 25/10/13

Guide to: Downtown Copenhagen

Insider’s Guide: The inner city of Copenhagen revolves around the longest pedestrian street in the world, Strøget, which runs between the two big squares Rådhuspladsen and Kongens Nytorv.
Mielcke & Hurtigkarl. Foto: Jens Nørgaard Larsen Foto: Ikke oplyst
Byliv | 25/10/13

Guide to: Frederiksberg

Insider’s Guide: Frederiksberg is the bourgeoisie part of Copenhagen. In the old days this part of town was actually Copenhagen’s entertainment district and there are many remnants from that time: theatres, restaurants, cafés and the lovely Frederiksberg Allé, which runs all the way up to the even more beautiful Frederiksberg Gardens and the Copenhagen Zoo.
Jægersborggade. Foto: Mads Nissen
Byliv | 25/10/13

Guide to: Nørrebro

Insider’s Guide: Nørrebro is Copenhagen’s multicultural melting pot. Here you have kebab shops next door to designer shops and coffee shops, and this part of town attracts a lot of immigrants and students.
Foto: Jeppe Michael Jensen
Byliv | 25/10/13

Guide to: Østerbro

Insider’s Guide: With its numerous greens and parks and short distance to the centre of Copenhagen Østerbro is a popular place to live for reasonably well-off families with small children.
Kødbyen, Vesterbro. Foto: Jeppe Bøje Nielsen
Byliv | 25/10/13

Guide to: Vesterbro

Insider’s Guide: Vesterbro used to be Copenhagen’s red light district and there are still many porn shops and prostitutes especially on and around Vesterbro’s main road, Istedgade, but thanks to urban renewal programmes and local regeneration this part of town is slowly beginning to change its character.