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Byliv | 11/01/18

Love without pain


Lørdag 20. jan. 2018, kl 10:00

Kadampa Meditation Centre

Store Kongensgade 40H st tv
1264 København K


Open everyday usually 17:00 - 21:00 except Friday and open some Saturdays and Sundays too.


5222 2548


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Love without pain

Oprettet af: Sophie Andersen 11. jan 2018

Love without pain

January, Sat 20th | 10:00 to 13:15 | with Gen Daö | at KMC CPH

Love can give rise to great happiness but all too often it seems to lead to pain and suffering. This is because we fail to understand the difference between love and attachment. Love is the source of happiness whereas the pain and sorrow in our relationships arises from our attachment.

In this course, Gen Dao will explain how we can approach our love for our partner, family and friends from a fresh, new perspective by learning how to discriminate clearly between love and attachment. In this way our relationships will become more harmonious, joyful and long-lasting, and function to draw us closer to a state of pure and lasting happiness.

Workshop fee: 250kr | students 150kr | members 30kr | Concessions available


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Love without pain

Wonderful teachings on love without pain from a wise compassionate buddhist teacher.