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Annonce | 03/06/15

New fashion darling sets out to seduce in secret courtyard

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Circo Della Moda is the name of the newly opened Danish shop and online store www.CircoDellaModa.com. The shop is situated in one of the beautiful old courtyards in Amaliegade not far from Amalienborg Palace. A place which can best be described as a small oasis in the middle of Copenhagen.

The vision from the owners is clear: Stepping into the store should be an intimate and personal experience - where time stands still.

"I consider my customers in the store to be my guests, and it is not uncommon that it takes a little time and a cup of coffee before we find the exact right blouse," says owner Cecilia.

The ambition is to create an exciting and inspiring universe of known and upcoming Danish and international designers such as Ole Yde, Britt Sisseck , Elise Gug and Julie Fagerholt combined with French, American and Italian brands like Ba&sh, Tibi, Erika Cavallini and Marieta Cox.

Circo Della Moda sells handpicked treasues that represent a fine balance between femininity and masculinity - modern and classic styles.

In other words the shop wants your wardrobe to be a personalized treasure box of fantastic styles for you to wear, whether it be for day or evening. Circo Della Moda is all about excitement, discovery, and inspiring your own creativity and individuality.

Hvad: Circo Della Moda
Hvor: Amaliegade 14 A
Hvordan: Phone + 45 21 53 99 53 - www.CircoDellaModa.com